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Trang trí cửa sổ WPC

66*36mm wpc architrave used in interior environment

A popular door frame line in our factory
Normally combined with all frame
Many colours, you could choose what you want

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Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Model number


Kích thước

66 * 36mm


khác nhau

chiều dài

Up to you

Vật chất



A 20GP

Thời gian giao hàng

About 25days after received deposit


Using carton and pearl wool

Connected methods:

Ưu điểm

1. Dimensional stability, anti-insect, rot and crack-resistant , high durability,
2. Multicolored, natural wood looking and feel.
3. Moisture resistant, low flame spread, fire protection level up to B1 grade.
4. High impact resistant,
5. Good performance on nail-holding ability and processing.
6. Environmentally- friendly, recyclable
7. Easy to installation, no maintenance.
8. Broad range of finishes and appearance

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